Endangered Animals

Courtesy of India.com


There are hundreds of species of living things that go extinct every 24 hours(Huffington Post). For our STEM Hackathon project we will be explain and educating about endangered animals and how they can be helped

Top 3 Most Endangered...

The Vaquita

Identification: A small Porpoise. Reason of endangerment: Illegal Fishing.

The Amur Leopard

Identification: A Large Cat. Reason of endangerment: Poaching, Climate Change, and Habitat loss.

The Javan Rhinoceros

Identification: A large land mammal. Reason of endangerment: Poaching.

How we can help

We can help to stop these animals and more from dying by fishing and hunting in authorized areas only, creating larger reservations, and by cutting back on our carbon footprint.